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What are trademarks?

They are signs to identify a company's products or services. Brands typically consist in words, letters, numbers, drawings, pictures, shapes, colors, logos, labels, or a combination of these items, used to differentiate products or services.

Why is it important to register them?

Registration determines the brand's present and future; it evidences ownership on the brand and protects it from third-party actions.

How are they registered?

The first step to be taken into account for the custody of a name, figure or merger of them (composite trademark) is to look for it in the existing trademark universe. An example of this is the MARCAS ARGENTINAS database. This is done quickly and clears semantic and phonetic doubts, as well as about the pre-existence of trademarks. Registration also prevents the allocation of resources, time and effort to a name already used by another company. Finally, the search will contribute with reliability on the great effort to be undertaken by entrepreneurs.

Click on the FAQ section of our site to find about trademark registration and the description of the steps to a right procedure.